Ozark Gateway Realty, OGW LLC is the agency in the area with the most owner financed homes available.  Though some of these homes are owned by our founder and broker, we have other owners who have agreed to owner finance as well.  The most common question we get is how much down payment is required, but the question is not easily answered.  Some homes can be purchased with as little as $1500 down and other sellers won’t consider an offer for less than 20% down.  Usually, the more you pay for a down payment, the lower the interest rate, and the lower your payment or the quicker you can pay it off.

Talk to your agent to help you decide what terms will get you an accepted offer.  As with any offer, we suggest you simply make an offer.  You may not know what the going rate is for interest, but you do know how much you can put down and how much you can afford each month.  Put those details with the size home you need and want, and we can figure out your terms.  The seller then has the option of accepting, countering with different terms, or just rejecting your offer.  The worst they can say is no!

To see what homes we have available with owner financing, click on advanced search options (it may already say company listings there) in the top right corner of the search section.  Then click on advanced and type in the words “owner financing.”  You can add additional criteria like beds baths and price range if you wish.

Give us a call if you have any further questions!